CCi Course Design

All details listed may be altered to meet review and assessment outcomes and will be re-published in due course.


  • CCi programmes do not adhere to the academic calendar.
  • Negotiated periods away from study will be available to meet holiday commitments, health/emotional needs and respite requirements.
  • Progression will be recorded and reviewed though a target based ILP (Individual Learning Plan) with targets set against the Adult National Curriculum.
  • The CCi programme focus will be for students to increase key skills in order to safely access meaningful vocational/work-based and social activities; with Outreach-Teaching delivered within actual life and community environments.
  • Key English and Maths elements will be on contextual communication development.
  • Teaching, Learning and Assessment will be tailored to meet the immediate vocational and life-skills engagement, health and well-being and the social based needs of students.
  • All study will be recorded through an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and in a progression portfolio and accredited, where possible, with an identified accreditor i.e. ASDAN/City & Guilds, to recognise continued achievement.
  • Targets and achievement levels will be re-assessed as the programme continues – tailored into personalised targets meeting learner preferences.
  • CCi will offer a negotiated weekly programme, including an initial 10-week assessment-check period. Continuation will be supported through scheduled review and in-line with commissioning review processes. Daily schedule will be negotiated to meet preferences of all parties.
  • Speech and Language Therapy, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy support will be sought through referral, if required, to meet any emerging requirements, to support educational planning, delivery and task/resource design; identified through the ILP and review processes.
  • Recommendations from key assessment reports will be incorporated into the ILP to ensure best possible outcomes.
  • Assessment activities will be designed to reflect learner’s chosen activities.
  • Guidance taken from learner’s assessment outcomes will be incorporated into the ILP along with behaviour support and strategy guidelines.
  • Access to targeted activities will be recorded formatively through task outcome, observation, note taking and photographic resource – with access to lesson plans. Review will be accessed through periodical summative assessment.


  • Staffing from CCi will be minimum 1:1 (unless assessed otherwise) for Education delivery and for safe required community access meeting accessibility needs and support strategies.
  • CCi will look to procure staff trained and/or experienced to meet specific needs and, where possible, to match like-for-like regarding interests to ensure continuity and consistency for the placement. Wider emerging training needs will be secured as required.
  • All access will be supported by personalised communication – incorporating development with technology.
  • All necessary equipment, including ICT programs and learning resources will be provided.
  • Home tutoring options will be incorporated – including CCi fuel/travel costs.
  • Support and care plans will be accessed and incorporated in the ILP process.
  • Communication with family and Agencies will be continued through meetings, review and open communication.
  • Attendance will be registered on daily engagement – if absence is announced with more than 24 hours’ notice then the hours can be carried forward.

Personal Care

  • All personal care, related support requirements and guidance will be provided by CCi staff at identified support levels.
  • All personal care plans and needs assessments will be incorporated and included to meet emerging requirements.
  • Medical support plans, Care Planning and support strategies, where appropriate, will be accessed and included in the ILP process.
  • Continued communication will be sought through family, Agencies and emerging providers – and through review processes when appropriate.

A copy of the above is available by request to CCi at: