Student Support

Student Support

All CCi Students are supported at a minimum of 1:1.

Extra support is assessed and provided when required.

CCi Learning Support Assistants are carefully matched to meet students’ likes, interests and preferences, to promote highly effective working relationships.

Opportunities are available for the Learning Assistants to continue the support post college, through various support services; offering ongoing continuity, consistency and safeguarding.

Community Based Learning

Members of the CCi team support students in the venues, locality or settings that support your opportunities for development and progression.

Vocational, Work-based, Life-Skills or Recreational Learning

Skills management and development is accessed in a wide range of settings, which could include at home, in work placements, social activities or within leisure based settings; where ever the need for development is, so the learning is meaningful.

‘Rates of attendance and retention are very high as a result of very effective programmes that meet students’ individual needs’. OFSTED 2019

Parent feedback –
“I have also noticed his reading is improving massively and he has become more independent with his writing, spellings and texts…” 2020